Three Feet of Film

Lead by Writer/Director Sandra Sciberras and Producer/Writer Grace Luminato, Three Feet of Film is a production company grounded in story writing and creating cinematic experiences. Able to handle the entire workflow, from the planning to photography and editing. We create documentary films, promotional videos, movies, and visual content with a new sensibility.





Three Feet of Post

Three Feet of Post is a boutique post-production house that works with Independent Producers, and Directors interested in telling stories above all else. We’re an ideas company that will work in association with VFX, Animation and Sound studios on everything from feature films, television, web series, animation and documentaries.

Whether working on small or advanced visual effects sequences, we’ll take your production and budgetary needs and deliver through our partner companies both nationally and internationally always focusing on who will be best for your film. 


Three Feet of Film is heralded by Timor-Leste national and resident Francisca Maia, who looks after the development of our Feature and Television slate.  We are Location and Production Service Providers for International and National Productions across all forms of media, and are able to consult on Cultural, Language and Traditional sensitivities. 

Francisca Maia – Filmmaker and Senior Media Adviser

Francisca has worked in the Television Industry for the passed 10 years. She worked as Reporter and News Anchor for UN TV in UNTAET Mission.  After Timor-Leste officially got its independence in 2002, Francisca worked with Timor-Leste’s First National Television called TVTL, as Feature Program Producer and News Anchor.  Francisca later worked as Media Advisor for Timor-Leste Government, a position she continues with today. Through Secretary of State for Council of Minister, Francisca designed the first Government TV Program Called “PAGINA DO GOVERNO.” The program aired for two years. Further, Francisca worked as Media Adviser to Ministry of Finance where she managed the internal and external communication and also lent support for the g7+ media team via facilitating interviews, writing news briefs, press releases, networking, and strategically organizing media coverage of networks participating in the g7+conference in Monrovia, Busan, South Sudan and Timor-Leste.

Francisca currently works as Media Coordinator for Timor-Leste Prime-Minister of VI Constitutional Government office, where she manages and coordinates the Internal and External communication base on the Communication Strategic plan for the Prime-Minister Cabinet.

As a filmmaker, she has written and directed the Short Films A LETTER TO MY MUM, DESIZAUN(DECISION) and most recently MENSAJEIRU (MESSENGER). Francisca has worked as Assistant Director on the short films, EVE, PEGASUS, and LOVE SONG. Having been inspired by the Australian Feature Film and Timor-Leste shot, BALIBO where she obtained her first opportunity to work on a major production as Assistant of Wardrobe, this attachment led her to a more dedicated film career.

Francisca received East Timor President Awards for her film A Letter to My Mum, Margaret Lawrence Social Justice Scholarship awards for the film Desizaun(Decision), Academy Creative Media Honour Script Awards, Brian Robinson Script Award and Best Master of Film and Television (Narrative) production 2013 for the film Mensajeiru(Messenger). Her short Film has been screened across numerous international film festivals. Francisca currently holds a Bachelor Degree on Creative Media at the University of Hawaii at Manoa as recipient of East West Center Scholarship. She is also the recipient of an Australian Development Scholarship Master degree in Film and Television at Victorian College of Arts, University of Melbourne.